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Wordless Wednesday: California Rolls

By on May 12, 2010

Dinner last night: Sushi Bar at Desert Springs Resort (Palm Desert, California)

View from my room at 6am this morning. Breathtaking.

I *heart* California.


  1. Kyla says:

    Looks WONDERFUL!!

  2. Smiling, Beguiling says:

    Eh. I was born and raised in CA… it WAS awesome. It's not anymore. However, your pics make it look scrumptious. And now I am really craving some sushi. And a little desert warmth. Yeah. That would rock.

  3. MommyNamedApril says:

    yum. haven't had sushi in forever. i should probably rectify that!

  4. Bob0104byWas0104ham says:

    Custom makes all things easy~~加油哦.............................................

  5. pandorican says:

    Amazing pictures. I am extremely jealous!

  6. Jenna says:

    Beautiful! I wanted to comment on the movies but didn't want to log into BlogHer. I want to see Toy Story 3, great article in this month's Wired. Sex and the City 2 and the new Twilight. Wow! I sound like a pre-teen!

  7. petite gourmand says:

    wish I was there too!

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